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Pasta Bolognese


Real unpaid customers sharing their experience.

Let’s see what people, across states, are saying about Signature Suggs Catering.

If you're looking for an innovative approach to cooking gourmet dishes, I highly recommend you try Signature Suggs dishes. Her creativity with her dishes are noteworthy and which other should aspire to reach. When you think of the rich seasonings she infuses in her dishes, coupled with the love she puts into them, it makes for a masterpiece which you won't find any other place
Dubuque, Iowa
Signature Suggs makes the very best melt-in-your mouth lemon pound cake. My family devoured it in three days. Its at the top of my dessert list, now that I think about it, it's time to order another one
Bellefontaine, Missouri
The food I tasted was so Awesome and excellent  that includes the Tilapia fish, hushpuppies, spaghetti cole slaw was totally different, she was very creative with that.  Let me tell you all something, I am a good cook and very health conscious and don't eat a lot of sweets definitely not cheese cake. But let me tell the world this young lady put her all and all in these pies.  Surprise!  Homemade from starch Turtle cheese cake  and the pear cobbler!  They were Awesome!! I have never tasted a pear cobbler it was off the chain! Mm! Mm! Great! not good but Great! Flaky,  and buttery crust. I mean delicious! If the world is hearing me. Please order right now from Signature Suggs. I promise you will not be disappointed
Florissant, Missouri
Signature Suggs Catering, has a Loaded Spaghetti and it is indeed loaded. Three different types of meats, and the flavor is UNBELIEVABLE. You might say its something new in the spaghetti family. I would be remiss if  I didn't mention that Signature Suggs is a class act when it comes to catering 
Walter Beck
Florissant, Missouri
The first time I tried Signature Suggs Catering food I was like now this is some real southern food. I had a pistachio cheesecake that was out of this world. I didn't think I would like it because of the pistachios but my goodness, if heave was a taste. I promise you I was in heaven. You will not be disappointed.
Latonia Thomas
Collinsville, Illinois
Forever my firs choice when it comes to catering. Signature Suggs is the absolute best when it comes to professionalism and customer service, hardest thing to do is choose out of all the deliciousness on the menu.
Belleville, Illinois
I'm a Mac and Cheese connoisseur from Memphis to New Orleans. Signature Suggs is in the Top 5. Don't take my word just try Signature Suggs.
P.T. Johnson
University City, Missouri
Five Stars and a thumbs up! Best tasting Gourmet Mac and Cheese Ive ever had. Customer Service and professionalism were top notch. Excellent product l had  ann excellent customer experience all the way around.
Marc Bowers
Chesterfield, Missouri
Signature Suggs Catering food is GOOD!!! Did I mention the food is GOOD!!! That's all I have to say about her company
James Walker
St Louis City
Signature Suggs Catering is the company I patronize when I have an event. She has an eclectric array of  dishes with southern tastes and an accompanying blend of organic spices and oils to make for a healthy meal. Her broccoli salad is a dish to die for! I didn't eat broccoli until I had athis particular dish, now I can't live without it! When I have an event her broccoli salad  is the first item everyone devours. Signature Suggs Catering is the best catering company in St. Louis!
Tamara Times-Brand
St.Louis, Missouri
Signature Suggs Catering food is very tasty. Everything she cooks is good. The food tastes as good as it looks, I can eat it everyday. On a scale from 1 to 10 I rate it a 10. Signature Suggs Catering  service is outstanding and very professional in all she does.
Anthony Collins
Venice, Illinois
Shout Out to Signature Suggs who brought me something sweet to celebrate my  new success. Baby! this cake was the bomb. And I come from some baking and cooking women... so I know. The cake was moist and the delicious lemony icing will make your eyes roll in the back of your head kinda good. It was really good!!! Make your order today and you won't be disappointed
Signature Suggs Catering... Grest customer service I highly recommend you order with them. I give it a 10/10 delicious food and treats the service is amazing. 
Rashad Liggins
Parkdale, Arkansas
If you're a foodie Siganture Suggs is for you. Ranked number one in the Midwest. Known for their Signature Mac and Cheese, SIgnature Soda Chicken Wings and the Siganture BBQ Sauce.
Roderick Howard
University City, Missouri
Tiffany Marie
Fairview Heights, Illinois
It's the CUSTOMER SERVICE for me! Signature Suggs Catering always delivers an A* experience. Signature Suggs goes above and beyond to satisfy the customers's needs! On top of the phenomenal customer service Signature Suggs makes everything from scratch! Homemade goodies plus presentation you have no choice but to fall in love with your experience with Signature Suggs. I highly recommend 10/10!!!
Parkdale, Arkansas
For my  mother's birthday, we ordered a vanilla butter cream cake. It was decorated Beautifully. My mother loved her cake. The cake had a picture of mom . She absolutely loved it. It was moist and  delicious. We will be ordering our cakes from Signature Suggs again. 
OMG the food is so Delicious!! You can tell it was cooked with soul..
Spaghetti 4 Stars
Fish 5 Stars
Cabbage 5 Stars
Hush Puppies 5 Star
Pear Cobbler 5 Star
The Signature Juice 5 Star
Tish McMiller
Saint Ann, Missouri
Connie Harvey
Snellville, Georgia
Oh what a spectacular gesture by
Gwen. She knows how to win. If it's a surprise you need, you can take heed to her lead, and request her to bake, the loveliest cake. That's what happened to me, and was the key to filling my heart with "joyous glee!"
Arimenta Harvey
Cahokia Heights, Illinois
Allow Signature Suggs to make your
next cheesecake. Signature Suggs is the best she will not disappoint you at all your mouth will be watered
Dasia Huggins
Pheba, Mississippi
Signature Suggs has great food,
amazing seasoning and phenomenal service! Can't beat the prices! Can accommodate large groups! The staff is the best in St Louis and we keep coming back. Highly recommend this awesome catering service! If you've never tried them, you owe it to yourself to give them a try.
Bishop Derrick Robinson
East St.Louis, Illinois
I never expected to like the food that I was hearing about. I was so wrong. Signature Suggs' food is absolutely amazing. The Chinese and Mexican food is authentic the Soul food is authentic. Signature's food is actually very delicious everything is well seasoned. I will recommend anyone to check her food out. Now that is something to celebrate. The services that she caters was really good and our server was extremely friendly.
Arthur Brown
Granite City, Illinois
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