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Gwendolyn Suggs


Meet the former Fire Fighter who is making authentic original again.” Gwendolyn Suggs, Chief Executive Officer at Signature Suggs Enterprise LLC. Responsible for creating mouthwatering goodness for all who pursue her services. She’s a trustworthy role model in the food/hospitality industry and building a legacy with bricks of core values. A southern entrepreneur pulling you into her adventure inviting the world to great quality food. Born in a small town called Houston, Mississippi where the south is known, internationally, for good eats. In 1978, her mom moved the family out of Mississippi and relocated north.  After securing a roof over their heads, the first thing her mom engaged in was finding a church home to call home.  Gwendolyn quickly got into singing, playing the drums, and eventually became the choir director at her church. As time went on, she hung out more in the kitchen watching her mom cook scratch meals during breakfast,  lunch, and dinner time. Once I reached adulthood. I found myself following my mom‘s footsteps in terms of cooking.

“Yes, I’ve put out many fires in my career, even delivered a baby (while on duty) and rescued a cat or two but there’s no such thing as a career comparison when it comes to my passion for culinary arts.”


Known as a trailblazer for CREATING recipes from scratch (not collecting them from YouTube.) She honestly built her brand word of mouth before social media recently became an option. She has witnessed what a long lineup looks like for customers wanting to taste real quality food. 

Her art of cooking/baking has been the topic of unlimited conversations throughout holiday parties, networking events, etc.


In 2014, a host of phenomenal things happened!

Because she believe that music and food are cousins, she enrolled and received a outstanding degree in “ Entertainment and Media Business with Management” at a music production school in St. Louis, Mo. She was voted the president of the student ambassador where she made great things happen and graduated with perfect attendance. Challenging herself, she linked up with a group of students to start a events company called “XhaleTheArts” and a catering company called “Addictive Kreationz Catering”.

Pushing herself, in 2014, she enrolled in a wedding school and graduated with honors. In the same year, her creative mind lead her to do a PowerPoint presentation on a invention she created in the electronic world.

blur_edges (3).png

With the overload of activities already on her plate, she still managed to write several books this year with the potential of being #1 best sellers. 


Gwendolyn have leveraged the art of pop-up food venues and sells out every time. That’s a beautiful guest experience. By the year of 2016, She believe that her intuitive personality cause her to stumble upon a women’s group called “IAW”. It stands for International Association of Women’s where celebrity Star Jones plays a HUGE role in the organization. Gwendolyn was approach the first day by the president of the program to be part of the leadership team where she served as the ambassador for the St. Louis local chapter and is currently serving as the Event Coordinator.


She began branding Signature Suggs Enterprise by creating unique meals at the fire station during her downtime. When the alarm sounded, she left the kitchen to go fight fires. Juggling fire science and food culinary as career choices went on for years. The more people complemented and raved about the food, the more she took it serious. In all fairness, it came from many many test tasters and supporters who drove her to shoot for great. 

Beyond grateful for family, friends, buyers, and sellers who have been a part of her novel.

After 16 1/2 years of service, she never thought goodbye would be on the menu where she served as Captain of the Venice Fire Department and appointed Chairman of the Fire Company Committee Board. So much passion poured into a single pot of boiling water. So many memories in the fire station kitchen left at the stove. 

Finally living out her purpose along with her passion plus the pleasure to inspire, she will no doubt be successful at anything she attempts. 


“You’re invited to get a glimpse of me on my food adventure! For inquiries, reach out to me on LinkedIn.”


“Together we elevate solutions. Divided we decrease in progress.”

                                                               ~Gwendolyn Suggs

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